General Questions
Why do some items have multiple measurements?

You may notice as you shop the catalogue that some items have more than one measurement. For example, a waist may show 30″ and 31″.  Or, a waist may show 28″, 29″,  30″,  31″ and 32″.  In the first example, you can assume that the actual measurement is 30½” so it is reasonable that it will work for waistlines that measure both 30″ and 31″. In the second example, where many different measurements are shown, you can assume that this is an elastic waist or make in a way that it will accommodate waist measurements of all the sizes listed.

Who can rent from us?

Any organization working on a theatre, film, dance, or other type of artistic endeavor is eligible to rent from our Costume Collection.  Not sure if your project qualifies?  Contact Us.

How do I clean my rental items?

Every item in our catalogue contains instructions in the detailed description for how to properly launder. Even if the item has only been worn a short time, it must be laundered. Yes, this includes neckties, cumberbunds and suspenders as well. This keeps our costume inentory area smelling fresh.

Do you sell items?

Not at this time. We are still building our inventory.

Do you accept items?

Yes! We are happy to accept vintage, estate and unique garments and accessories but we will ask you to review and sign a waiver that releases the items to the Costume Vault. This is so we may decide to sell or donate the item if we have too many of that size or color.

Items that we are accepting at the moment include:

  • Any garments older than 1980.
  • Large and showy jewelry.
  • Dated eyeglasses, jewelry, shoes, handbags, etc.

Items that we are not accepting include:

  • We will accept your fur coat, but we may have to donate it to thrift.
I'd like to become involved. Are you accepting volunteers?

Yes! Always! 

We believe in trying to match our volunteers with their skills and the time they have available. Let us know where you are interested in helping. Some of the volunteers we are looking for include:

  • Measuring
  • Photography
  • Pulling and preparing orders for pickup
  • Website
Prices and Billing
How much do rentals cost?

If you are in a Stage Hanna production, you qualify for a discount. Cleaning is essential and costs are extra.

What are the cleaning rules and rates?

Each item has a security deposit that will be refunded once the item is cleaned and returned. The rate varies per item. Some items require special handling. Cleaning is the responsibility of the renter.

What forms of payment do you accept?

E-transfer is preferred. If that doesn’t work, cash or personal cheque are accepted. Costumes will not be released before payment has cleared.

When do I pay for the rental?

Rentals must be paid in full for before a volunteer begins to assemble your order.

What happens if I rent costumes I don't need?


Visiting Us
Can I pull my own costumes?

No. A Costume Vault volunteer is trained to enter our inventory area and find your pieces. We have vintage and protected pieces and our inventory system requires training to navigate.

How do I get my rental?

Once you place your order, and your payment is processed, a Costume Vault volunteer will be notified. That individual will schedule time to pull and prepare your order. Once your order is ready, you will be contacted with a mutual collection date and location.

What do I need to bring when I pick up my order?

You may want to bring hangars and garment bags as you will be charged for these items if they are not returned. You may also want to bring totes if you are renting accessories. These details will likely be mentioned when the Costume Vault volunteer contacts you for pickup.

Do you do alterations?

No, and costume items are not to be altered without prior permission. We do understand that minor alterations such as hems can be done and removed without permission but any permanent alterations require prior permission. These types of alterations may require the item to be remeasured, photographed and re-inventoried.

You may not cut, dye or glue.