Three Easy Steps

Following the 3 easy steps serves to give you and The Costume Vault volunteers a smooth and pleasurable experience. Every item in the catalogue has a rental fee (per 7 days) and a security deposit. The rental fee may be less than listed, if you are a cast member of a current production. The security deposit is refundable when the terms and conditions of the rental are fulfilled. The total amount of your order owing must be paid before your order will be submitted to a Costume Vault volunteer for processing.

Because you are working with a volunteer organization, you must give ample time (min 10 days)  for your order to be picked, collected and ready for you.

Step One - Carefully Measure

Download our measurements form and using a fabric or plastic sewers measuring tape, complete all the information on the form and keep it nearby when navigating the website.

Detailed Instructions

Taking your own body measurements is best done with a sewers fabric or plastic measuring tape. The measurements that will be most helpful, depending on the garment you are looking for will be:

  • bust or chest
  • waist
  • hip
  • shoulder and
  • inseam.

Hold the measuring tape perpendicular to the floor and measure around your body in the fullest part of the bust/chest, waist or hip. Round up to the nearest complete inch. This will be the chest or bust size you will look for when searching for a garment with a torso including dresses, tops, jackets, vests, coats, lingerie.

The shoulder measurement will require assistance. Find the bone at the edge of each shoulder. Measure across your upper back from one shoulder to the next. This is your shoulder measurement. Remember to document.

For arm length measure across your back. Start at the center of your back at the base of your neck. You can feel your spine. Start here and raise your arm so it is straight out at your side. Bend your elbow 90 degrees. Bring the measuring tape down the length of your arm. Round up to the nearest inch. This measurement is your starting point for sleeve length.

Your inseam measurement is from your crotch, along your inner thigh, to the floor, standing tall with your legs straight. This is helpful because if the pants cannot be lengthened they may not work for you. Remember to document.

Please measure carefully.

Step Two - Shop and Account Setup

Shop: Use the categories and filters to find suitable items for your character(s). Compare and match the measurements to the ones you gathered in step one. This will help you narrow down the options in our catalogue that may fit and be suitable for your requirements.

Create an account: If you are a member of a Stage Hanna production, or a community theatre, you may be eligible for discounted cast pricing*. Please ask your production Director for details.

*Note: Your cast pricing will not show up until your Production Director has provided the cast list to The Costume Vault Manager. Security deposits are not discounted, but they are fully refundable when the terms and conditions of the rental are followed.

Step Three - Payment and Pick-Up

Before you submit your order, you need to decide if you are going to embrace the Preferred Order Method (which is quicker) or the Pre-Order Method (allow 14 days lead time or more). 

Preferred Order Method: Submit your order, pay as per the instructions, and watch for an email to schedule a pickup date and time.

Pre-Order Method: You may feel you need to try your selected costume items before you rent them. If so, continue to fill your shopping cart but during checkout, select Pre-Order Method. You will be contacted by a Costume Vault Volunteer to let you know when the store is open. This method will take longer to coordinate.

We recommend you bring your own hangars, garment bags and totes to carry your items as you will be charged a fee for any items not returned.