Definitions & Styles

What is the difference between an overcoat and a peacoat? How about the difference between a shawl and a stole? In order to sucessfully find the perfect costume items, you will need to be familiar with and understand the terminology. For many of the fashion items, images are provided in the filters, but sometimes, you need more than an icon to understand the differences.

The following is a list of some of the definitions that are used throughout The Costume Vault inventory.

Coats: Overcoat vs Trench Coat vs Peacoat


First it is important to know that coats are worn for function as opposed to fashion plus they are usually longer than mid thigh. A PEACOAT has large lapels and front buttons and is double breasted. A TRENCH Coat is made of waterproof fabric and usually longer than an Overcoat or Peacoat. An OVERCOAT, also called a Car Coat, is longer than a Peacoat. For the purposes of The Costume Vault, any coat that does not fit within the category of Trench, Pea or Parka can be found in the Overcoat category.